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Solid Walnut Hellcat 100 & 1x15 guitar cab

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Here we have one of our 2 custom shop boutique display/demo models from this past summers NAMM show. The amp and cab were lightly used to demo at the show but are still in like new condition.

Both the amp and speaker cabinet were beautifully crafted from locally harvested black walnut and feature dovetail joints and a gorgeous matte lacquer finish.

The amp is our Hellcat 100 model which is a 100 watt, single channel, all tube, mid to high gain guitar amp.  Perfect for most forms of rock, the Hellcat is mean sounding amp to say the least. 

The cab is an oversized 1x15 guitar cab. Yes you read that right, a 1x15 GUITAR cabinet. 15" guitar spekaers are rare but we knew that for this build we needed everything to be as unique as possible! The speaker is a Weber Michigan 15F and delivers a very warm, full bodied sound that even further accentuates the fullness of the Hellcat amp.

the cab is 8 ohms and 100 watts total. 

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