Steve Sopchak - The Square Studio 

I own or have owned speaker cabinets from companies such as Mesa/Boogie, Soldano, Orange, Fender, Marshall, etc., and I can say with quite a bit of certainty that the most versatile cabinet I have ever used, and my personal favorite, is my ported 1x12 cabinet made by Black Market Custom. This little guy just cranks out the most consistent, focused sound and it is wildly flattering to the amps I put through it, whether I'm shooting for something really clean, really dirty, or anywhere in between. I can honestly say that since getting this cabinet last year, there has not been a session that has occurred in my studio that did not make use of it. It's a huge sound in a small, incredibly detailed package that I could not be happier with. To top it off, the dudes who makes these cabs are just the absolute best in the world---willing to go far above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their products are bulletproof and their customers are happy. Do yourself a favor and grab one of these today.

Chris Piquette - No Boundaries Studios

BMC cabs bring out the tone your amplifier was meant to have. As a full-time producer, every week I am running a new band's rig through my cabs and dialing in a new tone. The cabs handle any sort of power and tone with complete stability and an extremely low noise floor. On a weekly basis I hear, "wow, that's the best my amp has ever sounded!"...it can't be a coincidence. The construction of the cabs is so solid that even at very high volumes, not a rattle is heard. I've thrown mics on countless cabs over the years and  I can confidently say BMC is the one cab that's always blown me away.

Most importantly, you can feel comfortable and confident lending these guys your trust. They have always been nothing but the nicest and humblest, even long before I became a customer. They are able to bring your vision to life, and will continue to help you in any way they can in maintaining and upgrading the cabs you've purchased. Their innovation, craftsmanship, and expertise is incredible.

Justin deBlieck - Ice Nine Kills

Black Market Customs has the ability to take your vision and bring it to life. They are true artists and can deliver highly competitive products at a great price. Between Chark and Chris, they have the vast knowledge of what a custom shop should be capable of, and with no limitations they can make it happen!

Frank Marra - Treehouse Sound

From the second the cab came into the studio, I knew it was going to be something special. It looked absolutely beautiful, and the sound is incredible. I have used it on everything from clean guitars, to ripping solos.  Most of the time, I don't even need to touch it in post. It just fits right in the mix perfectly. Great quality, great sound, and the people that work there are super helpful, knowledgeable and all around great dudes.

Stephen Harrison - The Chariot

"Most of my time in The Chariot, we didn't ever really have much help from companies. Definitely nobody willing to go the extra mile for us. But the guys at BMC definitely did that for us from day one. Driving out of their way to meet us on tour to hand deliver two huge 6X12 cabs to us super late one night, making sure they were protected, making the custom design look perfect, and just being overall nice guys. There's really nothing more I could ask for from a company. Nice guys that care and do a great job.

Mike Abiuso - Switchbitch Studio

These guys really take pride in their 100% handmade American craftsmanship. From the looks, to the functionality, to the most important part; the tone, these cabs always deliver. We here at SwitchBitch Studios have been using Black Market Custom cabs for years. We've used our 6x12’s for some huge sounds as well as our custom 2x12 to really hone in on those subtle details. Black Market has always and will always be our first choice in cabs.

D. James Goodwin - The Isokon Studio

I had the guys at Black Market build me a cab for my Reeves Custom 50 last year. I've had these old Fane Hiwatt speakers laying around for a long time, and finally talked to Chris about building me a cab not only for my studio, but for my own use in my band Snowflake. I needed a cab that not only looked awesome, but one that physically handled the high output of the Fanes without cabinet noise, and rattling and all that garbage. After some talking back and forth about ideas, Chris built me this oversized 2x12 cabinet that looked every bit as elegant as anything I've seen, including the beautiful dark stained wood panel across the front. But it also was built like a brick shithouse. I normally a not given to abusing my equipment, but I've literally never seen or felt a cabinet that was this good sounding while being built like a tank. I use it practically every day of my life, and have no desire for another cabinet, unless it is built by Black Market"